Over the past couple of decades I have had the pleasure to work with
some of golf’s most noted instructors: Bob Toski, Jim Flick, Rick Smith
and many years ago, Davis Love II at the Cloisters in Sea Island. All of
these contributed to my playing better, but none came close to
explaining the mechanics of the golf swing, and how to effectively use
them as you have done. Many thanks Marc for the added enjoyment I now
experience on the links.

Thad Gutowski

I have been working with Marc for 10 years. He has more knowledge
then any instructor I have ever met. His methods are backed with
technology to mark your improvement. He also knows how to make golf fun
with his fun easy going attitude.

James Kinsler

Your Radical Golf Fitness program was appropriately named. Not only
was it a challenging workout but it has improved my balance, shoulder
turn and core strength as you promised. A little cautious
because of some back issues, I actually found it strengthened my low
back and hamstrings. With
little investment, I’ve continued your workout at home. I love it!
Recently went to NYC, lots of
stairs to subways and my daughter lives on 4th floor (no elevator).
Navigated through our weekend
feeling great.

Karen Bates – Clarkston, MI

I have been student of Marc’s for over 10 years. In that time my
handicap has dropped from 16 to as low as 6. Marc’s has worked closely
with me to cover 3 key areas of the game. Swing mechanics, course
management and mental outlook. His knowledge of me and my personal
needs combined with his ability to adapt his teaching to my needs is
what makes him a valuable instructor and great source of enjoyment for
the game of golf. Kind Regards,

John Lieblang

I’ve had many lessons with several instructors over the years but
Marc is without a doubt the most professional and effective golf
instructor that I’ve ever known. Marc’s experience and training have
equipped him with a body of knowledge which makes it possible to develop
drills and practice aids for any golfer – regardless of skill level.
Marc has the latest technology for video analysis but he can also set
the tools aside and just work on drills or concepts. Most importantly,
Marc has a sincere interest in each student and genuine enthusiasm for
every session or lesson. The bottom line is that meaningful time with
Marc combined with purposeful practice results in an improved golf swing
and lower scores.

Mike Fisher

I’ve been taking lessons from Marc over the years and I will continue
to do so. My game continues to evolve and my ball-striking and form
continues to get better under Marc’s Direction. There are no quick fixes
in golf-yet Marc helps me get on track when I get off the process of
continual improvement. He’s committed to me evolving and improving and
his lessons help me build upon a solid foundation. I learn what I have
to continue to work on with Marc. I also recommend Marc’s conditioning
workouts to solidify the “CORE” and build a solid foundation and balance
needed to play your best golf. As I approach 50 I need to continue to
improve my fitness and Marc’s Bi-Weekly one hour sessions helped me
achieve a good foundation over the cold winter months before spring golf
arrived this year. I continue to use his exercises in my weekly routine
now that golf season is in full swing.

Denis V. Raue

After persuasion from my husband, I agreed to sign up for a package
of golf lessons. Not only did I have a wonderful sense of
accomplishment, but I truly enjoyed the lessons. Marc has the keen
ability to communicate his knowledge and instruction in a way specific
for each student to understand. His eye for swing detail is
outstanding. And his technical equipment is next to none. I’m now
signed up to work on my short game. If you want your next round to be
“a walk in the park”, see Marc.

Susan Madole

Compliments….. I receive them from many of Oakhurst’s
low-handicappers who have seen my index drop steadily from 28 to 15 over
the last 4-5 years. I have worked with Marc exclusively over that
time. Have him queue-up the ‘before & after’ video footage of my
swing….it represents the cliff-notes of my improvement story. The only
other data-point you need is this: my average driving distance has
increased from 225 to 275 using the same driver. I’m a card-carrying
member of the Marc White fan club.

Paul Cloutier

Your fundamental approach to teaching the golf swing has helped my
game immensely. I now have a clear idea of how to set and approach each
shot which gives me the ability to swing the club with confidence.
After years of frustration on the golf course, you have helped make the
game of golf fun. Thank you!

Tim Schafer

Marc White has been working with me for several years on all aspects
of my game. His casual and encouraging style immediately put me at ease
in the lesson. I make it a point to get with him every year and have
done so for five years now. He has been critical to my reducing my
index by 10 strokes over that time from a 23 down to a 13. Marc’s made
an investment in state of the art teaching technology that I find vital
to understanding and fixing my swing flaws. It’s obvious that he makes
continuing education a big part of his teaching as well. He’s always
coming up with a simple, clear way to communicate the concept he’s
trying to teach. I don’t see ever getting to a point in my game where I
won’t count on Marc for his sound professional advise.

Chris MacCourtney

With your instruction my game is a world away from the way from the
way it was last year, but what I am really amazed about is how much the
(radical) golf fitness class helped my game. It’s unbelievable how much a
balanced and stable lower body helps the golf swing! After taking the
class, it was just there. I didn’t have to think about it at all. What
an invaluable class. Sign me up again next year!

Carlyn Kirk

Marc is an amazing golf instructor. He has a lot of experience and
has done a ton of research on the golf swing. What makes his lessons
successful is not just what he is teaching, but how he is teaching it.
Besides explaining to his students what he wants them to do, he also
physically puts his students into the right swing pattern by putting
them into specific drills so that his students can feel the difference
between swings. I feel that my overall golf game has become stronger
and more consistent thanks to Marc’s teachings from his lessons. If
someone came up to me and asked me for a recommendation of a good golf
instructor, Marc White would pop into my head in a heartbeat.

Renee Kuczeski

If it’s broke, Marc can fix it. Whether by his naked eye, or by his
sophisticated video equipment, Marc will identify any serious swing
flaws you may have, and work with you on drills to help get your swing
where it needs to be. Some teachers may try to get their pupils to make
radical swing changes. Not Marc. He will work with what you have, and
make adjustments which will allow you to hit the ball better without
tearing your swing apart. Broken swing? See Marc!


Having been a 15 – 18 handicapper for a few years, I came to the
realization that in order to improve further, I needed to get some
professional help to rebuild my swing which was becoming quite ugly. I
understood that my mechanics were all wrong, and that I needed someone
who could not only recognize the problems, but could adapt their
teaching methods to my learning curve.

I really liked the fact that Marc not only agreed to teach me, but he
also spent a few minutes with me, to question me on my incentives, and
my goals. I thought that was an important point, as it made me verbalize
my goal of trying to get to a single digit handicap, which became a
commitment to the new swing, grip, setup and mental approach.

Since I started taking lessons with Marc, my entire game has become
much more enjoyable. At first it was difficult, as I struggled to put
into play the lessons that Marc had taught me until the muscle memory
started to take place. In the last few months, I have noticed that I
have been able to shape the ball, either left or right and understand
what went wrong when I make a bad swing. As a great quantitative
measurement, I found that I’m suddenly longer by at least 1 club length,
sometimes 2, simply because of my improved mechanics. That was an
unexpected surprise and really helped to give legitimacy to my decision
to consult a true professional. I believe Marc is a true student of the
game, and someone who because of his approach can help anyone at any

Paul Bazely – Clarkston, MI

Marc White’s golf fitness class has definitely helped me add distance
to my game. This class is awesome, It’s packed with exercises that are
golf specific and I have learned so much from Marc’s expertise in this
area. Marc takes the time to teach so many different moves that have
been very beneficial. I love this class.

Jason Latimer

I have been taking lessons from Marc White for three years and he has
helped me develop into one of the best high school golfers in Oakland
County. Whether it be summer or winter, Marc is available to help me
virtually anytime I need it. Marc can help with the mental, physical,
and technical aspects of the game. He has an electronic swing analysis
system and a launch monitor that acts as an “instant replay” for the
golf swing. He has also helped me with my golf fitness, which has lead
to an increase of about 40 yards off the tee. Marc also works with a
certified clubmaker who can get you perfectly fitted for the right clubs
for your swing. Over the course of three years, Marc has helped me get
my scoring average down twelve or more strokes. Whether you are a low
or high handicap player, Marc can help you fine tune your game and get
you playing better golf instantly. I cannot thank him enough for what he
has done for my golf game.

Tommy Ronk


Tom forgot to talk about what personal support you have given to him
over the last three years. I think he enjoys talking with you more than
either Steve or me. You are able to give him the motivation to believe
in himself even when his game is not at the top. We truly appreciate
all that you have done for him not only related to his golf game but
related to handling the ups and downs of life in general.

Anne and Steve Ronk

My name is Enrico Sunga. I am a former Golf Teaching Professional and
I’ve known Marc for over 10 years. I have had the pleasure to work for
and teach with Mr. Marc White. Marc has taught me how to teach this
wonderful game of golf the right way. Marc is a true Professional with
very high character and integrity. His knowledge of the golf swing is
top notch. But more importantly, Marc’s passion and committment to his
students, superseeds any acomplishments that he has personnally done for
himself. “HE CARES FOR HIS STUDENT’S SUCCESS!! That to me, is the
reason why I feel Marc is the number 1 PGA teaching professional in
Michigan. Keep up the great work, Marc!!

Enrico P. Sunga

(Assistant Golf Professional, Washtenaw Country Club; Teaching
Professional, Mulligan’s Golf Center of Auburn Hills; Head Teaching
Professional, Moravian Hills Country Club)

Marc white is a great pga pro golf instructor. He will take the time
to assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to put together quality
practice sessions to reach your goal. In essence, you get the most out
of each golf lesson. He bases his teachings around a solid golf swing
that will elevate your game to a new level of play. Working out of a
golf studio at GLAC in the winter and at Oakhurst Country club in the
summer you can practice golf all year round. Marc is very personable and
he cares about golf. He is a motivator and is excited to share his
experiences with you. Professional in all aspects of golf he produces
outstanding players year after year.

Eddie Natavio

Marc is the finest golf professional and instructor I have worked
with over the years. His teaching style is easy for me to understand as
he works within my swing to help me improve, not forcing me to undergo a
complete “makeover”. The great cues and drills I have gotten from him
continue to be with me year after year.

Sally Seymour

Following my decision to commit long term to improving my golf game
I met Marc in the spring of 2000. Today, exclusively through him I
continue learning all aspects of the game.

Working with Marc, I have improved swing mechanics, play with
properly fitted equipment, and have learned about the mental aspects
of sports, golf specifically from a very knowledgeable sports
psychology teaching partner. Through his Titleist Performance Fitness
Certification I exercise regularly better understanding the value of
golf specific fitness, which helps more than just my golf game.

He is dedicated to his teaching profession, continually adding to
his teaching equipment with video swing analysis, laser launch
monitors as well as his personal knowledge. Marc attends seminars and
continues to upgrade his certifications which greatly enhance the
students learning experience. I feel at ease hitting shots on the
lesson tee, can comprehend his answers to my questions and believe
Marc has a genuine interest in his student’s success, often
demonstrated spending that extra minute when he has it.

With Marc’s instruction I have funneled my efforts in a proper
direction, thereby gaining consistently better golf shots, more
regularly achieving my personal goals and playing more relaxed,
greatly enhancing my overall enjoyment of the game.

If you are considering golf lessons, hoping to improve your game
and willing to expend a relative effort to your goals, I can only
highly recommend working with Marc. I believe you’ll find it excellent

Peter Mckay

Although I played golf for many years, I never understood the golf
swing and struggled to hit the ball with any trajectory or consistency.
Marc White didn’t just show me how to hit the ball better, he gave me an
understanding of the golf swing and the
confidence to make the changes I needed to make to improve. I really
look forward to my lessons and working on my game. I’ve referred many
women golfers and they agree. So do yourself a favor–stop struggling
and call Marc!

Donna Beaudet

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