Area Prep Golfers Get in Shape for the Season

Bosu Ball Wall Squats

Bosu Ball Knee Balance

Bosu Ball Quad Burn

Lateral Skiers Exercise

Ab Crunch – Ball Toss

Ab Crunch – Ball Toss

Walking Lunges

Shoulder Burns

Wall Smashers

Diagonal Chop

Reverse Ab Crunch on Bosu Ball

Back to Back Rotary Torso

Shoulder Stretch and Strengthen

Knees on Bosu Ball Balance

Knee Balance on Bosu Ball – Medicine Ball

Sumo Squats with Dumbbell

Wall Smashers – Hips Parallel to Wall

Golf Swing to Impact Position

Two Person Toss/Catch on Bosu Ball

Rotary Torso Exercise – Two Feet on Bosu Ball

One Foot Catch on Bosu Ball

Rotary Torso on Bosu Ball

Seated Rotary Torso

Arm Circles Forward

Fire Hydrants

Wall Squats

Side Bridge Planks

Military Bridge Planks

Airplane Arms

Helicopter Arms

Arm Circles

I’s, Y’s, T’s and Cobra’s

Pec Flys

Punch it Out

Seated Rotary Torso

Straight Arm Rotary Torso

Single Arm Pull with Leg Lift

Bird Dogs – Opposite Lifts

Hip and Hamstring Warm-up Stretch

Overhand Throw the Ball in the Dirt

Single Arm Pull with Lunge and Leg Lift

Side–Overhead–Side Stretch

Diagonal Chop

Straight Arms Pull-Down

Rotator Cuff Strengthening

Straight Arm Pull-Down

Tricep Pulldown

Core Planks on Swiss Ball

Lung Position Cable Pull

Golf Swing to Impact Position

Core Plank & Ab Crunch

Russian Twist

Vertical Jump

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