Favorite drill

My all-time favorite swing drill!

In all my years of teaching the game of golf (going on 25 years now!), this drill has proven to help golfers from new to scratch players. The results have been positive, 100% of the time no matter what the golfers skill level may be. Start with your feet very close together, say the width of a clubhead apart. Place the right foot back of the left foot so your right toe is even with the ball of your left foot. The ball should then be played between your two feet. With your normal grip (using a 6, 7 or 8 iron) and good posture, make a backswing where your left arm goes back only to parallel to the ground and the hands have hinged the club up to a vertical position. Staying mostly flat-footed, feel like the hands pull the club down to the ball as your trunk rotates around your tilted spine angle. You should feel the hands “release” the clubhead through impact as the right forearm rotates over the left. I want you to then finish with your right forearm parallel to the ground, shaft tilted vertically with a closed clubface position. Doing this drill at half swing pace, I can guarantee you will draw the ball right to left. This drill is not designed to hit the ball far, it’s designed to give you a feel for the proper rotation and releasing of the clubhead through impact. As you become proficient with this stance, gradually widen your stance, keeping the same length backswing. When you can succeed hitting little draw shots in the normal full-swing stance, then you can work on lengthening the arm swing. However, as soon as you have trouble contacting the ball or hitting slices, go back to a narrower stance and work the drill from there. Good luck.

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