Align “parallel left”

Allow me to describe a shot: We set up to the ball in good position in our stance, with the correct grip position, and good posture. We make a well-balanced swing, contacting the ball solidly, finishing in a “text book” position, only to see the ball fly with perfect trajectory into the right greenside bunker. As you reach for your sand wedge, your fellow-competitor, with putter in hand, smirks and says, “that’s right where you were lined up.”

To me, there is nothing worse or more frustrating than hitting a great shot off line because we didn’t take the time to ensure correct alignment. Understand and keep in mind that our body lines (shoulders, hips, knees and toes), are different than the ball/club target line. Our bodylines are actually “parallel left” of the target line. Therefore, if at address, as we look at the target and our shoulders are pointing at the target, it’s no wonder we hit it in the right greenside bunker. Our bodylines should be left of the target so we can get the ball/clubhead line on target.

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