Good ball position

Good shots start with good ball position

Understanding ball position comes with understanding the golf swing. Keep in mind that whenever the ball is on the ground, we simply want to make contact with the golf ball at the bottom of the swing arc. Where our head is positioned is a primary determining factor on where the club will “bottom out” (bottom of the swing arc). Therefore, when the ball is on the ground, we want to position the ball just left of center in our stance, more even with our left eye. Provided our head stays steady during the swing, the club should bottom out directly under the golf ball, or at the bottom of the swing arc. Now, when swinging the driver and the ball is on a tee, we want to make contact with the ball just on the upswing of the swing arc. Therefore, we need to position the ball more forward in the stance, even with the left heel. As you become a more experienced golfer, you will learn that if you play the ball a little further back in your stance, you can hit the ball lower, and that if you move the ball more forward in your stance you can hit it higher. Many golfers feel more comfortable playing their wedge shots in the center of the stance and the long irons and fairway woods slightly towards their left heel. This slight adjustment is okay. However, keep this in mind: Any time the ball is positioned to the right of center in the stance, it will greatly increase the chance of hitting a “thin” or “topped” shot because your head is already ahead of the ball at address.

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