Slicing problems

Want to cure your slice?…re-route to the inside

The anatomy of a slice: The backswing starts too much to the inside. The arms then lift the club up to the top of the backswing and momentum then reroutes the path of the club outside-in (over-the-top), on the downswing. The open clubface cuts across the back of the golf ball resulting in a weak left-to-right cut shot. To cure this most common disease, understand that you need to reverse this process. We need to re-route the downswing path to the inside as the clubhead approaches the ball. To create this new sensation, you must first feel like you are taking the clubhead more outside on the backswing. Then, start down by consciously rerouting or “looping” your hands, arms and club well inside the path you took it back on. The key is to keep rotating your body through the shot so the move doesn’t become an all upper body downswing. The slicer strikes the outside back of the golf ball, swinging the club across their body. We need to strike the inside back part of the golf ball, swinging more out and away from our body.

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