Topping problems

Trouble with topping

There are three primary causes for topping the ball. Number one is the changing or lifting of the spine angle during the swing. Let’s say we address the ball with a spine angle tilt of 50 degrees. That is the approximate degree of spine tilt we need to have at impact in order to hit a good golf shot. If the spine angle becomes greater (the result of lifting during the swing), we will tend to top the shot. If the spine angle becomes less (the result of dipping during the swing), we will tend to hit the shot “fat.” The second cause of topping the ball can be the result of poor ball position at address or the forward movement (toward the target) of our body on the downswing. In doing so, we effectively change where the bottom of the swing arc is, hitting the top of the ball on the way down to the new bottom of swing arc position. The third cause is a collapsing left arm at impact, which is usually the result of an over-the-top (also known as outside-in) swing path.

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