Learning with Technology

We are proud and strong supporters of both the GolfAchiever and the V-1 digital coaching system.

The GolfAchiever’s patented laser technology and ultra-high speed electronics are used to capture – just after impact – the precise coordinates of a golf ball and golf club passing through its laser grid. The laser measurements are then delivered to the computer where GolfAchiever software applies proprietary algorithms to calculate and report all significant ball flight and golf swing parameters. These results, along with simulated ball flight in three dimensions, are graphically displayed on any one of three GolfAchiever software screens: Down the Range, Analysis, and Data. The GolfAchiever software analyzes ball speed, launch angle, club speed, distance carried, club path, face angle, RPM’s, distance to pin, clubface impact position and more. It is the ultimate teaching and clubfitting tool.


The V-1 digital coaching system is the finest video swing analysis system on the market today. Swings are video captured for playback, analysis, evaluation and comparison. Your swing can be viewed from face-on or down-the-target line. Slow-motion evaluation and comparison to past swings or tour player swings is the best way I know to improve your golf swing mechanics. This technology is available for every lesson.

(However, for the new golfer who may be a little intimidated by all the evaluation equipment, we can either teach without it, or make limited use of it.) A printout of your swing along with the GolfAchiever data is also available after the lesson.

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